Weaver Guarantee


We offer a lifetime Guarantee with all Weaver Snap Davit Products.

They are built to such a high standard. The’re very durable, very safe and able to weather all marine environments.

item-detailMade from high quality components, and manufactured in the USA to a solid design specification which includes Neoprene Moulded Rubber Pads, with integral reinforcement webbing, stainless brackets and Snap Davit Heads, that together become a multi-fit System that will fit almost any boat and will assure you many years of safe, secure service.

Make sure you specify ‘Weaver to your Dealer’ 

Beware Cheap Alternatives!

Like all great ideas, the Weaver Davits have been copied and cheaply reproduced. Like they say, “You get what you pay for and some times you get more than your bargained for! This is an example of a ‘failed product’ a very inferior moulded product that probably cost penny’s to produce in China?


So to avoid any disasters, make sure you specify ‘Weaver to your Dealer’ when buying snap davit systems.