Davits for Safe Boating

wet-boxDon’t get wet, get Weaver.

The concept and design of a Snap Davit System was first born in the early 1980’s when Bob and Virginia Weaver invented the original Snap Davit SD1. Like they said “More than one boater had taken an unexpected swim while getting in or out of their dinghy”.

Like all great ideas, the Weaver Snap Davit has been copied, but it has never been matched for durability and safety. These Snap Davits are simple the best on the market, the only choice for safe boating with your friends and family.

item-detailSnap Davits securely connect your inflatable dinghy or rigid tender to your yacht or power boat, which allows crew and passengers to safely step from one vessel to the other. Weaver davits smoothly ‘snap’ on and off the Snap Davit heads to the Stainless Steel Hooks when arriving or departing the dinghy from the boat, for safe and stress free boating.

The advantages of fitting Snap Davits are:

• The ability to safely board a tender from the main vessel

• Firm and secure attachment for stowing the dinghy when cruising

• Reduced mooring fees in marinas

• Easy snap-on action to lock

• Little force required to release

• No need for unsightly overhanging rear davit arms

• Manufactured from high grade stainless steel

• Lifetime guarantee on stainless steel fittings

Polymarine is the exclusive European distributor for ‘Weaver’ the worlds leading manufacture of Dinghy Snap Davits. These quality stainless steel products come with a life-time warranty.

Weaver Snap Davits are a versatile range of well designed davit systems which enable inflatables, RIB’s and rigid tenders of all sizes to be stowed horizontally on the transom of boats or on a boat’s bathing platform.

The regular snap davit kit consists of 2 spring loaded stainless brackets, which mount on to the swimming platform or transom. These are attached to 2 locating hooks, which are attached on to the dinghy itself.

The innovative designs overcome the challenge of fitting a snap davit system onto all kind of boats and tenders.

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