Snap Davits for Rigid Tenders


Ingenious snap-lock fittings

Designed to secure a hard shelled tender to the swim platform or transom of the main vessel using Snap Davits.

Two hook plate fittings are bolted onto the swim platform or transom of the main vessel, the davit heads are fitted to the dinghy, allowing the tender to be tilted into a vertical position at 90 deg. Suitable for tenders up to 51.5kg (120lbs) in weight

item-detailOptions for kits: Can be fixed either horizontally to the swim platform or vertically to the transom. The swimming platform kits also have a choice of ‘riser hooks’ to accommodate the height of the swimming platform and the height of the dinghy.

Very simple to Install

Step 1 – Line up dinghy with swim platform to determine proper location of davits.

Step 2 -Mount both snap davits on dinghy over seating area or reinforced side using 1″ bolts.

Step 3 -Use 1″ bolts plus large washer for the
bottom of snap davit. Make sure the large washer is on the water side and has a marine sealant behind it.

Step 4 -Mount one swim platform hook onto swim platform using 2″ b o l t s .

Step 5 -Now hook up your dinghy and find placement of the other swim platform hook, mark and install.