Weaver Lever

Installation Guide for Weaver Lever


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Step 1 Determine which direction the Weaver Leaver will pivot when installed. This is done by raising the dinghy on the davits to a vertical position and then observing which direction the outboard will need to pivot. The Weaver Leaver should be centered on the transom.

Step 2 Once the proper alignment of the Weaver Leaver has been determined, bolt the Weaver Leaver to the transom using 5/16″ X 3″ carriage bolts and plastic shims, if needed.

Step 3 The adjustable rod is used to support the extra weight of the outboard. It is attached by using the short push pin through the base of the adjustable rod where it attaches to the pad eye on the swim platform with the long push pin at the top of the Weaver Leaver.

Step 4 Install the Weaver “pad eye.” It can be installed so the rod is straight up and down or at an angle so the pad eye is next to the transom of the mother ship. For security, it is recommended that the davit head be bolted to the swim platform at the transom end. If you choose to use a Weaver Quick Kit at the bow end, that is ok. (It is not recommended to use the Weaver Leaver with a Weaver “Quick Kit” on the transom end because of the extra weight of the motor.)

Step 5 It’s extremely important to bolt your motor to the Weaver Leaver with a carriage bolt as added protection. You may want to use a rat tail file on one of the five universal holes on the Weaver Leaver to match up with a bolt hole on your motor or just drill a new hole.

Step 6 Since there will be the extra weight of the motor on your inflatable, there are two additional Weaver products we recommend you purchase to complete your installation. The Weaver Arc was designed specifically to take the stress off the tube by transferring it to the platform. The Weaver Arc is a stainless steel removable arm that is bolted through your dinghy transom on one end and snaps onto your regular davit head on the other end. Another valuable product which was designed to handle the extra weight of leaving your motor on your dinghy is the Weaver Winch. The Weaver Winch is made of high grade stainless steel and brass. It can lift as well as safely lower back into the water a total of 400 pounds. It is removable through the use of a Weaver Quick Kit adapter plate.

Here is a work sheet to help plan your installation;-