Arc Snap Davits

Weaver Snap Davit Arc System installation

Step 1: Assemble parts loosely & lay them in the bottom of the boat for positioning (see figure 1).

Step 2: Set pads in position with the long bar parallel to bottom of the boat, the front pads in tight to the front bar, and the head needs to be 1” from the tube. (see figure 1). If existing davits are used, be sure to check the distance between davits. If you are installing your davits make sure that arc is forward as far as practical and set davits to the Arcs.

Step 3: Adjust height of the Arc so the Arc is 1” to 2” above the tube.

Step 4: Adjust angle of the head so the Arc is level and perpendicular to the swim platform. Not Tube (see figure 1 & 2) Snug all bolts.

Step 5: Mark pad position and remove for gluing. 3M 5200 or Hypalon Glue may be used. (see gluing instructions) Sheet metal screws or thru bolts needs to be used for a more secure hold. (see figure 3).

Step 6: Reinstall everything on the inflatable and tighten everything up.

Weaver Rear Arc installation

First determine if ARC is going to go on the inside of the dinghy transom. The Arc needs to snap into the davit head on the swim platform of your yacht. There is only about ½”of play in the ARC so you need to be fairly close for hooking up. Once that is determined you need to drill holes through the transom of the dinghy to mount the receiver bracket.

The single plate mount (Backing Plate) on the opposite side of the transom from the receiver bracket.
Use the grey shim to make the receiver bracket lines up straight up and down, so the ARC is straight across the top of the tubes. Use 3m 5200 Adhesive to glue the grey shim to the transom and stainless. One end of the ARC snaps into the davit head on the swim platform. The other end snaps into receiver bracket on the transom. The ARC can be removed by pulling the spring handle on the receiver bracket and stowing it away when using the dinghy. JUST DON’T DROP IT!!


The Installation instructions can be downloaded here:-

Front Arc Installation

Front Arc Work Sheet


Rear Arc Work Sheet