Snap Davit System for Inflatables

Snap Davits for Inflatable Dinghies

These Weaver products are ingenious lock-on Davit fittings to secure an inflatable boat or RIB tender (hard or soft bottom dinghies) to the swim platform or transom of a Yacht or Power Cruiser. Weaver has created a full range designs to accommodate many type of boats and fixing requirements as well handling a huge range of tender weights from 90.7kg to 136kg (200lbs to 300lbs).

The RBD 100 and RBD 150 kits for Inflatable boats are ideal for tenders up to 90.7kg (200lbs) in weight. The durable reinforced rubber pads can be used by adhering those to the Inflatable Boat tubes.

RBD100 Snap Davit System – Swim Platform Fitting


These robust Snap Davits firmly secure the dinghy to the main vessel while crew and guests board and alight the dinghy, an essential safety feature that can leave both hands free to do other tasks eliminating risky  balancing acts. See our Demo Movie. The Snap Davits also allows the dinghy to be securely stored in an upright position at the stern of the main vessel while under way and in the marina. This has all the advantages of being out of the water, out of the way and taking up less berth space which can be quite expensive.

RBD100 comes in a complete Boxed Kit for boats with a swim platform or rear decking to attach dinghies of weights up to 90.7kg (200lbs). This kit comprises two RP101 Reinforced Rubber Neoprene Pads (for attachment to the inflatable or RIB tender), two RSH 120 Hooks that fit within the Pads. Two Snap Davit heads that fix to the swim platform. The Rubber Pads are available in Black or Grey.

RBD150 Transom Mounted Snap Davit System



Weaver have designed multiple fitting options for Snap Davits which can be from various styles of swimming platforms or deck, to the Transom of a boat. The Snap Davit installation method is simple, two Davit Head fittings are bolted onto the main vessel, and the rubber pads are attached to the outer side of the tender. The two attachment hooks are inserted into the rubber pads and these then clip into a locked position on each Davit Head, allowing the tender to be secured in position while floating on the water. This makes getting in and out of the tender very safe and stable, no wobbly frights or accidental swims for your crew. Then when either moored up or cruising along, the tender is tilted and secured into a vertical position at 90 degree for stowage with the aid of ‘Stand off Arms’. Both PVC and Hypalon inflatable boats can be safely used with these Snap Davit Kits, there is a specific Polymarine Adhesive to be used for adhering the Davit Pads to each type of boat fabric.

The alternative designs to fit almost any type of boat are ingenious and unique to Weaver. There is a solution to accommodate for heights from the water, the dingy height and the swimming platform. There are solutions for outward extensions to allow for curved platforms, boarding ladders and other obstacles.

Snap Davit Kits with Extended Heads


For swimming platforms that have a curved profile, swim ladders and other obstacles, 2 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch extended Davit Heads are available in complete kits.

RBD100 Kit with 4 inch Raised heads



When the tender sits higher in the water than the Swimming Platform, 4 inch Raised Snap Davit Heads are an ideal solution to reach up to where the hooks and pads are located on the inflatable boat.

RBD100 Off Set Snap Davits Kit


The Off Set Heads reach 4 inches out and 4 inches down from high swimming platforms to reach the hook and pads attached to the inflatable tender. The davits work like all the other kits with stand off arms attached to the relevant point on the stern.

Snap Up Davits, New from Weaver


Reaching 12 inches down from a high bathing platform or stern deck, these sturdy products are engineered to give a smooth action and a very secure snap lock. Once snapped into place the Dinghy can be lifted up from the water, then rotated into the upright position.


Weaver Arc Systems for Heavy Tenders


For tenders over 90.7kg (200lb), or tenders complete with the outboard engine, the Weaver Arc System provides an outstanding solution able to carry lots of weight up to a massive 136KG (300lb). The Weaver Arc and Weaver Lever Systems permits the outboard to remain oriented in the vertical position while the tender is rotated to 90 degrees from horizontal to its upright stowed position.

The Arc system can be installed as a Kit in different formats. Kit One comprises a ‘Front Arc’ and 1x Rubber Pad 1x Hook and 2x Davit Heads. Kit Two comprises a ‘Rear Arc’ and 1x Rubber Pad, 1x Hook and 2x Davit Heads. Kit Three comprises of both a Front Arc and Rear Arc with 2x Davit Heads.

Removable Snap Davit Heads


The RDB100 kit also has the option to use the ‘Quick Kit’ Shoes – enabling temporary removal of the Davit Heads from the swim platform, so bathers can enjoy unhindered access. The shoes are bolted down to your swim platform and the standard Davit Heads slide into them. By releasing a sturdy stainless steel pin, the davit head can be quickly and easily removed.