Weaver supporting Stand off Arms.

High grade stainless steel bracket arms designed to secure the tender in its raised position on davits. Fixed by an ‘L’ shaped bracket to the yacht transom at its highest point when the tender is raised to 90deg, and to a special moulded pad which is adhered to the upper part of the tender when raised. For a rigid tender two ‘L’ shape bracket fixings can be used.


item-detailReduces any abrasion caused by securing the tender with rope, provides greater security when underway and removes strain on the davit fittings in keeping the tender at 90deg.

NEW Stand off arm with quick release catch at both ends for easy removal from the transom

• Supplied in pairs as a kit with 2x arms and 4x ‘L’ shaped brackets for mounting

• Option of 5 different lengths: 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″and 36″



Stand Off Arm Rubber Pads


Associated Rubber Pads are available in grey or black. Please note: Pads need to be ordered separately from the arms. Adhesive: A 2-part Polymarine adhesive will also be required to adhere the rubber pads to the inflatable boat / RIB. This should be: 2990 Adhesive for Hypalon boats or 3026 Adhesive for PVC boats.



Quick Kit Shoes for RBD 100 Snap Davits

Permanent Snap Davits on your swim platform can now be converted to removable Heads. The Original Weaver Quick Kit is designed to let you remove the davit heads from your swim platform when you are not carrying your dinghy. This is accomplished through the use of the Weaver Quick Kit adapter plate and special locking pin. With the davit head removed, the boater is left with a low profile stainless steel adapter plate that makes it easy to move about on the swim platform, free from davits. Kit includes two brackets, two pins and installation hardware. For use with RBD100 and SD1 Swim Platform Kits (not RBD150 transom mount)




Introducing a new way for installing Weaver Davits and Weaver Chock Systems on integrated swim platform or difficult areas to get into. The Toggler is placed through a pre-drilled hole and the stainless steel plate expands out. Insert the bolt and your davit head is attached. No more stripping inside to get to the nuts as these are easy to use, supplied ion pack of four with instructions.


Weaver MotoSto for Swim Platforms


This MotoSto allows you to remove the outboard motor from your dinghy and place it on the swim platform in a horizontal position before getting out of the dinghy. The actual bracket is removable from the swim step leaving a low profile receiver plate on the swim platform similar to our Weaver Quick Kit bracket. Dimensions 13″ W x 5″ D x 10″ H

Weaver MotoSto for Transom Mounting

The Weaver Transom MotoSto allows you to store your 15 hp or smaller outboard on the transom of your yacht. When underway the bracket is in normal position and when using the motor the bracket can be swung out of the way against the transom. This bracket is not removable. A Work Sheet is available to download. CLICK HERE


Weaver Lever


The Weaver Lever™ is designed to be used with Weaver Snap Davits. It allows your outboard to remain upright while your inflatable is in the vertical position. The Weaver Lever is made of rugged stainless steel and is manufactured to accommodate outboards that are mounted to pivot either to the port or starboard. It can handle outboards up to 85 lbs. max.

Transom must not be more than 38mm (1.5 inch) thick to work with the Weaver Lever. There is an option to accommodate the Snap Davits being installed on the LEFT OR RIGHT of the Dinghy too.

LEVER – OUTBOARD  BRACKET; This is an outboard motor storage bracket for leaving the outboard motor still fixed to your dinghy when stored on upright on Weaver Snap Davits. 13 inches of clear transom is required. Includes everything that is needed to install on your dinghy, Long & Short Push Pins, Pad Eye, Adjustable Rod and mounting hardware.

The LEVER – OUTBOARD BRACKET MODEL 3; is for deep transoms up to 6 inches down from the top of the tube. A

Work Sheet is available to download. CLICK HERE


Dinghy Chocks


Weaver dinghy chocks are the perfect installation for most hard bottom inflatable dinghies on the deck or bridge of a yacht. They are available in the standard model, or Swivel Chocks varying in height from 6” to 10”, Ideal if you need a chock with enough height to clear a hatch cover, a CS Bolt Spacer that overcomes the slope of boat decks or if you want an oversized pad to take the weight of a heavier dinghy.

Set of 4 C1000 Universal Standard Chocks. A set of 4 chocks 6 inches tall with pads that rotate in one direction.

C1204 Chocks swivel in any direction. Has a 6” standard height but can be adjusted to 10” when combined with CS Bolts and Spacers sized 1, 2, 3, or 4 inches taller. Chock pad size 3.5×3.5 inches.