Davits for Safe Boating

wet-boxDon’t get wet, get Weaver.

The concept and design of a Snap Davit System was first born in the early 1980’s when Bob and Virginia Weaver invented the original Snap Davit SD1. Like they said “More than one boater had taken an unexpected swim while getting in or out of their dinghy”.

Like all great ideas, the Weaver Snap Davit has been copied, but it has never been matched for durability and safety. These Snap Davits are simple the best on the market, the only choice for safe boating with your friends and family.

item-detailSnap Davits securely connect your inflatable dinghy or rigid tender to your yacht or power boat, which allows crew and passengers to safely step from one vessel to the other. Weaver davits smoothly ‘snap’ on and off the Snap Davit heads to the Stainless Steel Hooks when arriving or departing the dinghy from the boat, for safe and stress free boating.

The advantages of fitting Snap Davits are:

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For Inflatable Dinghies

inflatable-boxThe strongest Snap Davit.

A set of ingenious lock-on davit fittings to secure an inflatable boat or RIB tender to the swim platform or transom of the main vessel.

For tenders up to 90.7kg (200lbs) in weight. The durable reinforced rubber pads can be used.

For tenders of 90.7kg and and up to 136KG (300lb), the weaver arc system provides an outstanding solution.

Both PVC and Hypalon inflatable dinghies  can be used. There is a specific Adhesive to be used on each fabric.
Two davit fittings are bolted onto the swim platform or transom of the main vessel, the rubber pads are attached to the outer side of the tender, two attachment hooks are inserted into the rubber pads and these then clip into a locked position on each davit, allowing the tender to be tilted into a vertical

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Snap Davits for Rigid Tenders


Ingenious snap-lock fittings

Designed to secure a hard shelled tender to the swim platform or transom of the main vessel using Snap Davits.

Two hook plate fittings are bolted onto the swim platform or transom of the main vessel, the davit heads are fitted to the dinghy, allowing the tender to be tilted into a vertical position at 90 deg. Suitable for tenders up to 51.5kg (120lbs) in weight

item-detailOptions for kits: Can be fixed either horizontally to the swim platform or vertically to the transom. The swimming platform kits also have a choice of ‘riser hooks’ to accommodate the height of the swimming platform and the height of the dinghy.

Very simple to Install

Step 1 – Line up dinghy with swim platform to determine proper location of davits.

Step 2 -Mount both snap davits on dinghy over seating area or reinforced side using 1″ bolts.

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Absolutely the best Snap Davits Available

They give confidence to my family when hopping in and out of the Tender

News & Updates

Polymarine; stories and information about Snap Davit Systems

2 inch extended Snap Davits

Posted by admin on Dec 15, 2009

Mr O’Dwyer bought a Weaver Snap Davit kit with 2″ Extended Heads and sent an email and photos in to help with our growing list of great ‘Boat Fit Results’. You can see from the photos that curved or opposing angles are not a problem with our...

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Posted by admin on Oct 29, 2009

You get what you pay for (as your mother once said) and in the case of this cheap, poor quality copy cat version of the Weaver classic snap davit pad someone went for an unscheduled swim! The dinghy pad is made of Plastic and is not reinforced. Sunlight, stress and...

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Stuarts Searay

Posted by admin on Oct 27, 2009

RBD 100, Snap Davits (Swim Platform) and Standoff Arm. Stuart’s great photographs illustrate what a smart and functional solution Waver Davits provide. “I have recently attached Weaver Snap Davits to my Searay Sundancer 240. I decided to get Glaslyn Marine...

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Quick Fit Shoe

Posted by admin on Oct 20, 2009

.jpg” />Mr A Holland recently wrote in and told us, “I have been approached by two other owners of Fairline Targa 30’s who are now keen to purchase the same snap davits. The Weaver 4” extended are the only type that will fit due to the curve...

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